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We teach yoga. All levels.


Groupon specials are ONLY for the following classes:

  • Mondays @ 6:15am Sunrise Vinyasa; Tuesdays @ 6pm Power Hour Yoga;
  • Wednesdays @ 6:15pm Vinyasa Flow; Thursdays @ 6am Sunrise Vinyasa and @ 6pm Strength Flow;
  • Fridays @ 6pm Power Hour Yoga; Sundays @ 8am Mat Pilates, @10:45am Beginner Yoga and @ 4pm Yin Yoga

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New Yoga with/for Kids

– Enrollment is now open for the Differently Abled Children Yoga – Mommy and Baby Yoga – Shake, Rattle and Yoga

Workshops & Events

SaKula Yoga Studios has exciting workshops and events. View our current offerings below and…

Welcome to SaKula Yoga Studio

SaKula” is the combination of two words from the ancient Sanskrit language and reflects the origins of SaKula Yoga Studio. The meaning of “Sa” is “born” or “with” and “Kula,” clan, family or community.

SaKula Yoga Studio . . .
“Born from Family, Friends & Community”


Time is passing by and waits for no one! In this day and age technology makes it easy for you to connect and begin new activities like, yoga.


Yoga. It's simple, easy, healthy, low impact, adaptable and soothing.

Anyone can practice yoga. It’s for all body types, abilities, mindsets, genders, heights, religions, ages, etc… It’s for people!