Arm Balance Workshop

#Arm #Balance Workshop at #SaKula Yoga Studio

Join Mandi and Katie on Sunday, November 11th (2 – 3:30pm) as they team up for a fun afternoon of vinyasa flow and arm balances. We will begin with an energetic flow designed to open and prepare the body for our arm balances. Then we’ll use our breath, balance and props to find our way into three different poses; crow (bakasana), side crow (parsva bakasana) and firefly (tittibhasana). If you have ever wondered if you can do it and have interest in exploring these three poses, this is the workshop for you. You will build up-to and learn ways to build to the full expression of these three poses. Students often over-rely on force when working on these poses rather than learning to understand the essential actions and movements. This sequence will help your body understand the mechanics and leverage of arm-balances and make these inspiring poses part of your repertoire.

IMPORTANT – Cost is $20. We are allowing our class card students to use their cards for this workshop if you register before Nov. 10th. Anytime after or at the door registration, the cost will be $25.

Click here – Registration Required

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