Yoga Etiquette

Whether you are new to yoga, or have been practicing for many years, it’s always a good idea to refresh ourselves with some Yoga Etiquette.

At SaKula Yoga Studio, we want to make sure that you enjoy yourself in any class you attend, and that means making sure we are considerate of the other students and Teachers.

Arrival Time
First time students should arrive approximately 15 minutes before class begins to settle in and become familiar with the studio and teacher.

Continuing students should arrive 10 minutes early and begin to settle in to your own practice.

Inform the Teacher of any injuries or health concerns for any potential modifications.

Late Arrival
We understand things may happen that are out of our control, but if you are late, please be mindful when entering and setting up your mat. Try not to disturb the other students who have already started their practice. Prepare yourself before you enter the studio, be mindful of others already practicing and quietly unroll your mat.

Leaving Early
Please inform your Teacher if you need to leave class early. We understand that you may have to leave, but please do so quietly, as we do not want to disrupt the flow of the class or other students that are around you.

When class ends, please be mindful of others who prefer to sit quietly for a few moments.

Leave all shoes in the shoe cubby or in the reception area.  No shoes in the studio. All yoga is done in bare feet.

All cell phones, PDAs, iPads, etc. are to be turned OFF or silenced and kept with your shoes in the reception area.  Please do NOT bring any electronics into the studio.

Personal Hygiene
Please be mindful of your personal hygiene.  Most yoga classes will have you breaking a sweat.  That’s great for the muscles to move into deeper poses, but may not be so great for your fellow yoginis.  Wear a light (natural) deodorant, wear clean clothes.  Please, do NOT try to cover up odors with perfumes or oils.  Many students have allergies or are sensitive to smells.

Wear loose or comfortable clothing that you can move freely in:  T-shirts, tanks, yoga tops, shorts or athletic pants.  Try to avoid baggy sweats or other excessively loose fitting pants.

Whenever possible, bring your own mat.  Yoga mats are available for new students, or if you forgot your own mat.  Continuing students are encouraged to buy their own mats.  A decent “sticky” mat can be purchased for around $20 – $25 at any local store.  If you use a studio mat, please be sure to wipe it down with a handi-wipe before putting it away.

Clean up
Please take the extra few minutes to put away any props used during the class. Roll up all straps, and fold the blankets as well. If you’ve created a puddle of sweat, don’t forget to wipe it up with a towel.

Not feeling well?
Please stay at home if you are feeling ill.  Not only is your sneezing, coughing or nose blowing a distraction, but has the potential of spreading your illness to others.  Stay at home until you are feeling better.

Follow the Teacher
Following the teacher’s instructions sets the tone of the class and the intention in the practice as well as builds community.  Unless you need to modify your poses, it’s best to stick with what the teacher is doing.  BUT, if you need a break, don’t be afraid to sit quietly until you are ready to continue. Do not force yourself or push your body into a pose that feels painful.  Learn when to retreat and release the ego by returning to a calming or child’s pose.  Remember, the practice of yoga is not just “doing the asanas” but by being mindful of to your inner self.

Your Practice
Start your practice before class begins.  At SaKula, community is extremely important.  Be respectful of other yoginis who prefer to sit quietly before class.  Speak softly before and after class. Those few moments can be perfect for a short meditation or for setting an intention.