About Us

A place to breathe. SaKula Yoga Studio.

The Birth of SaKula

Bonnie Beresford and Ro Marinucci discovered the benefits of yoga around 2006 and realized that a frequent yoga practice influenced their lives on a daily basis, from reducing stress to strengthening their bodies to opening their minds. When the universe intervened, they opened SaKula Yoga Studio in Metuchen to create a warm, nurturing environment for a community of others who shared their interest in yoga.

The Next Phase and Beyond

Alex and Laura had been practicing yoga for a few years and had always dreamed of owning their own studio. A few years passed and the opportunity to buy SaKula Yoga Studio was suddenly presented and Alexandra’s dad was approached to join in the new venture, since it would be of great benefit for his health to practice yoga. So here we are since April of 2018 as we took over the studio operationally and kept it open as we transitioned from Ro and Bonnie to us. It is with great pleasure that we are now running this wonderful studio that Ro and Bonnie started. We wish them all the best as they retire and leave Metuchen to start a new chapter in their lives. We now get to continue this creation from Family, Friend and Community, and move it forward to the next phase maintaining the mantra that has kept this studio in Metuchen for so many years.

Alexandra Wilkins

"Alex is one of the owners of SaKula Yoga and truly believes in the power of yoga to heal. She discovered yoga over 19 years ago while in college and stepping out on her own for the first time. She would continue to come back to it while dealing with some very stressful and traumatic times in her life. It has helped her stay focused on what lies ahead as well as keep her grounded while juggling a full plate, called LIFE. While she conquers the corporate world by day, it is running the studio that allows her to use her creativity and help grow the business to become a place of family, friends and community. She is passionate about creating a village that helps support one another through all steps of life and hopes that SaKula can be a place for you to learn, grow and feel supported!"

SaKula Yoga Studio

Laura Wilkins

"Laura started practicing yoga in 2007 with Alex right here in Metuchen to deal with the loss of her mother passing away the year before. Through weekly practice she was able to find herself and happiness again. From that first yoga class she knew she wanted to eventually teach and share the healing power of yoga. In the summer of 2013 she completed her 200 certification at the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem. Alex and Laura always dreamed of owning a yoga studio and when hearing that Sakula was closing, knew that it was a sign from the universe that this was the time to make the dream come true.”

Jorge Maldonado

"Jorge started his professional life in July of 1975 as a programmer analyst at the Banco do Brasil in New York City. Since that exciting summer, there were about a half dozen international banks where he managed the information technology departments. Too many banking crises brought on stressful times, health issues and difficult situations. This has been the premise for his decision to improve his quality of life, work on managing stress, his health and physical fitness. Life is not standing still and the opportunity to co-own a yoga studio is certainly an exciting new venture that provides the benefit of becoming a regular yoga practitioner, making new friends and contributing to the community. "Everyday is a new chance, an opportunity to start your life anew."

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