The neurotic behavior of daily commuters

New York City Rush Hour
Here again I find myself commuting to NYC after a full year of respite from such a stressful daily process.

It’s not the work, it’s not the time, it’s not the distance, traffic or public transportation but the behavior of so many people that sets you off on the same neurotic state that everyone seems to adhere to while on the trip to work or home.

Trying to analyze what is the common cause is probably the most complex thing. There doesn’t seem to be just one thing, it’s a combination of things and actions that triggers everyone. It’s dangerous behavior that seems to set off a wave of extremely unkind and irresponsible anger among many.

Most of these people are probably almost normal once they get to their destination but as soon as they go out into the streets, a personality change takes place as if preparing for a life and death battle; a neurotic transformation that instills a very dangerous disregard for their safety.

Everyone is looked upon as a potential enemy, a personal space invader, an aggressor, an undesirable obstacle between here and their final destination.

They become extremely aggressive and take risks that in a normal state of mind and awareness they would never engage. It’s no longer survival, its now about rage and intolerance. This is where yoga and meditation fits like a glove. It will take awhile to get you back into a more calm, serene and normal state of mind but eventually you will find your way back to a balanced mind, body and soul. Little by little, step-by-step, you will reach your inner peace.

We need more people to realize that we are here for just a tiny bleep in the universe but we can make that little blip into a blissful time for all around us and most importantly, for ourselves.

You must begin with yourself!

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